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No. Title Post Date
7201 Coping with suicide prevention, health education seminars 2018/02/06
7202 Wheat Symphonic Band care concerts 2018/02/06
7203 Phone call and special visiting (face to face) activities will be held on September 27,28,2012. 2018/02/06
7204 Visiting activity will be held on September 10,2012. 2018/02/06
7205 Sound Health endless - saxophone orchestra tour 2018/02/06
7206 SPO news release on holding “Remember the Past as Mirror for the Present – Exhibition of Supreme Prosecutors Office Archives” (2012/7/9) 2018/02/06
7207 My future is not a dream Care Series Activity 2018/02/06
7208 SPO news release regarding application to take defendant Lin Yi-Shi into custody (2012/7/2) 2018/02/06
7209 "Understanding AIDS drugs" Health education talks 2018/02/06
7210 101 beyond the self-Student Games 2018/02/06
7211 Activity highlights in July,2012. 2018/02/06
7212 "Forum and Keynote Speech on Corruption" held at May 14, 2012. 2018/02/06
7213 Life education care activities - the Association of Changhua County, the visually impaired hand-hospital performances 2018/02/06
7214 Supreme Prosecutors Office news release regarding conclusion of investigations in the matter of President Ma being accused of accepting $15 million in political donations during his term as mayor of Taipei City, in return for benefits to financial groups (2012/3/9). 2018/02/06
7215 Supreme Prosecutors Office news release regarding conclusion of investigations in the matter of former President Mr. Chen Shui-bian being accused of misappropriation of documents of national secrecy (2012/5/21). 2018/02/06
7216 Supreme Prosecutors Office submitting its opinion requesting the Supreme Court’s reconsideration of its resolution of the 2nd Criminal Courts Meeting of 2012 (2012/6/20). 2018/02/06
7217 Dengue fever and intestinal infectious diseases prevention and control, health education talks 2018/02/06
7218 Visiting activity will be held on August 6,2012. 2018/02/06
7219 Activity highlights in June,2012. 2018/02/06
7220 101 Years of Study Group Exhibition of Achievements 2018/02/06
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