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Telecom Fraud

Important Policies and Effect of Enforcement

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    Since the amendment of OCPA (Amending Organized Crime Prevention Act hereinafter referred to as OCPA), the total number of telecom fraud offenders charged under OCPA was 722 in 2020, accounting for 53.11% of persons charged with OCPA, and the number was reduced to 374 in 2021, accounting for 41.04% of persons under the charge alike. The number of persons who were imposed on compulsory labor was 401 in 2020, which came down to 103 in 2021.

    Since the amendment of MLCA(Money Laundering Control Act, hereinafter referred to as MLCA), there were 4272 fraud cases charged with MLCA in 2020, accounting for 89.95% of MLCA cases; and the case number roared up to 16350 in 2021, representing 96.34% of MLCA cases.


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