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Drug Trafficking

Analysis of the effectiveness of drug investigation

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  1. The seized volume of drugs at all class

The seized volume of drugs in 2020 was 8155.5 kilograms, a decrease of 1321 kilograms compared with 2019, and more than half were the Class 4 drug. In view of the changes in drug seizures each year, it has been said to be stable between 2006 and 2009. It fluctuated around 2000 kilograms every year and increased to 3478.8 kilograms in 2010. Although it fell back to 2340.1 kilograms in 2001, it has increased year by year. In 2016, the seized volume was 6767.1 kilograms, a new high record from 2006. A decrease from 2017 to 2018. In 2019, the volume jumped to 9476.5 kilograms, an increase of 3353.7 kilograms or 54.8% compared with 2018. However, in 2020, the volume decreased to 8155.5 kilograms. The seized volume of the Class 4 drugs was 4797 kilograms, accounting for 58.82%, followed by the Class 3 drug, 1608.3 kilograms, accounting for 19.72%.

  1. The source of drugs

In 2020, the main source of seized drugs was Mainland China by 3506.7 kilograms, accounting for 43%. In view of drug-source areas, the main source in the period from 2009 to 2014 was Mainland China. The main source was transferred to Hong Kong in 2015, and the total volume of seized drug from China and Hong Kong were 352.2 kilograms, accounting for 73.2%. Since then, Mainland China and Hong Kong have been the main sources of drugs in Taiwan. In 2020, the amount of seized drugs from Mainland China was 3506.7 kilograms, accounting for 43% of the total volume seized, an increase of 604.2 kilograms compared with 2019, followed by 1726.3 kilograms from unknown areas, accounting for 21.17%.


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