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Affiliated Organizations

Affiliated Organizations

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The directly subordinate agency structure includes the Supreme Prosecutors' Office(commands and supervises prosecutorial affairs of all levels of the prosecutors' office), Taiwan High Prosecutors Office (governs all High Prosecutors Offices and their branch offices, Intellectual Property Branch offices, and all District Prosecutors' Offices), Fuchien High Prosecutors'Office Kinmen Branch(governs Kinmen District Prosecutors' Office), theHeadquarters of the Ministry of Justice's Investigation Bureau.(governs all Field Divisions and Offices), the Administrative Enforcement Agency (governs all branch offices), the Agency Against Corruption, the Agency of Corrections(governs all prisons, detention centers, drug abusers'treatment centers, skill training institutes, juvenile detention houses, juvenile reformatory schools, and reform schools), the Academy for the Judiciary and the Institute of Forensic Medicine.

Institute of Forensic MedicineProsecutors Offices

MJIB The Hqs of MJIB

AAC Agency Against Corruption

TPK Administrative Enforcement Agencies

MJAC Correction Agencies

Academy for the Judiciary Academy for the Judiciary

Institute of Forensic Medicine Institute of Forensic Medicine



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