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Correction Agencies

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The Agency of Corrections is responsible for the accommodation, management and well-being of inmates, defendants-in-custody, people receiving rehabilitation treatment, people under observation and rehabilitation, people receiving compulsory work assignments, underage (18 years) potential juvenile delinquents and juvenile delinquents. The Agency provides multi-faceted correctional treatment, safe and humanized shelters, practical skills training and complete medical services to help detainees make a difference with their lives through the process of imprisonment, settlement, and transformation, and a smooth reintegration to society. In recent years, the Agency of Corrections is striving to promote the implementation of smart prisons, which utilizes technology to assist with manpower and improves detainees' living space. Additionally, the Agency introduces scientifically proven drug treatment programs, organizes work release programs, and promotes life education and family support programs. Thus, the correctional facilities are no longer a passive confinement space, but a critical juncture where the detainees are assisted in making positive changes for themselves.

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