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Agency Against Corruption

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Clean and competence is the foundation of a government administration. The Agency Against Corruption, along with prosecutors, agents with judicial police power and ethics officers, shoulder the responsibilities of these dual functions: corruption prevention and investigation. From the "anti-corruption" aspect, the Agency encourages and expands social participation in the anti-corruption education to help facilitate the public's understanding of the harmful effects of corruption; from the " corruption prevention" aspect, the Agency is committed to building a public service environment in which government departments are "transparent and accountable" to minimize the possibility of corruption and enhance the trustworthiness of the government; In the "corruption investigation" aspect, the Agency actively investigates corruption cases, targeting high level corruption with structural corruption crime as its focus, and by encouraging one’s own confession to misconducts. The Agency Against Corruption promotes international clean government cooperation activities and exchanges, in order to strengthen its ability to fight crimes abroad, in addition to coordinating with every agency in implementing the provisions as delineated in the United Nations Convention against Corruption. With the collective efforts of the public and private sectors, the Agency strives to implement a multi-faceted approach to prevent and combat corruption.

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