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The prosecutorial agencies in Taiwan are set up to coordinate with the various trial court levels, including: the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, Taiwan High Prosecutors' Office, Fuchien High Prosecutors' Office Kinmen Branch.Based on the principle of prosecutorial integration, the Prosecutor-General of the Supreme Prosecutors' Office shall command and supervise, pursuant to the law, the prosecutors in the Supreme Prosecutors' Office, and the prosecutors in all levels of prosecutors' offices subordinate to the High Prosecutors' Office and its branch offices, to implement investigations, initiate public prosecutions, implement prosecutions, assist in private prosecutions, preside over private prosecutions, and command the execution of criminal judgments, as well as implementing other duties as provided by law. Taiwan High Prosecutors Office combined prosecutors, police, MJIB and relevant Ministry Staff to form a steering group which will regularly call a meeting for coordinating, review related laws and investigations, and supervise the efforts of the affiliation departments to investigate drugs, economic crime, infringement of intellectual property rights, human trafficking, and endangering people's lives and other cases.

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