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No. Title Post Date
7341 News Release on Conclusion of Joint Investigations by Martial Law and Judiciary in “Jiang Guo-Qing Case” 2018/02/06
7342 (Issue date: 2011/5/27)A decade of hard work brings cumulative benefit 2018/02/06
7343 "Live Life - suicide prevention, " Health Education Seminar 2018/02/06
7344 Information security education and training held 2018/02/06
7345 Twelve students participated in school year 99 of the Basic Competency Test 2018/02/06
7346 2011-05-05 A Drug Trafficking Ring Uprooted with 240Kg of Ketamine Seized 2018/02/06
7347 Annual Dragon Boat Festival holiday period of 100 consecutive issues for students to interview family members 2018/02/06
7348 2011-04-29 " TheVoice You Raise, The Progress We Make "Here comes the train bound for judicial reform! 2018/02/06
7349 Substitute the Chief Executive Office of Changhua male basketball friendly match with our students 2018/02/06
7350 Mother's Day activities phone filial 2018/02/06
7351 "Music's Witnesses"rock gospel promotion activities 2018/02/06
7352 Staff Adjustment of Special Investigation Division 2018/02/06
7353 Notice the annual festival of 100 consecutive hospital during the holidays for the families of the students interviewed matters 2018/02/06
7354 Health education seminars 2018/02/06
7355 Studies on the Administrative Enforcement Law and Practice in Austria 2018/02/06
7356 Regarding prosecution of former President Chen for misappropriation of the secret diplomacy fund, this Office has issued an Appeal Recommendation Brief. 2018/02/06
7357 2011-03-02 Banciao District Prosecutors Office Press Release-Prosecutors Investigate Keelung Police Corruption Case 2018/02/06
7358 The Prosecution dedicated to Consumer Protection First case detected in Taiwan:Unqualified China Gloves Falsely Claim to be Medical Gloves 2018/02/06
7359 The Prosecution safeguard school order and prevent gang invasionGang investigation leads to arrest and detain 2018/02/06
7360 2011-02-18 Report of Investigation Results on the Election-Eve Shooting Incident on Nov 26th 2010 2018/02/06
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