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1. Timely Justice:Chinese victim testified and recovered crime loss over NTD 10 million via Taiwan mediation system 2019/10/16
2. Taiwan and Nauru Signed the Treaty on Mutual Legal Assistance in Criminal Matters on August 7, 2019 2019/08/08
3. Taiwan and Poland signed Agreement between the Taipei Representative Office in Poland and the Polish Office in Taipei on the Legal Cooperation in Criminal Matters in Taipei on 17th June 2019. 2019/06/21
4. Implement the Conclusions of EU-Taiwan Human Rights Consultations -- EU Senior Policy Manager was invited to Taiwan for Speeches on construction and development of EU human rights indicators and sharing experiences in the establishment of national human rights institutions in EU member states 2019/04/09
5. Taiwan and Eswatini Ink Agreement on Transfer of Convicted Persons 2019/03/05
6. Pursuant to UNSCR 2371, 2375, and 2397, the MOJ Publishes Targeted Financial Sanctions List of Designated Entities and Individuals 2018/01/12
7. International Review of 2nd ROC Reports on Implementation of Human Rights Covenants Concluded 2017/01/20
8. Vice President Chen addresses international review of 2nd ROC reports on implementation of human rights covenants 2017/01/16
9. International review of 2nd ROC reports on implementation of human rights covenants set for January 16-20 2017/01/16
10. The 2nd round cross-strait negotiation of the cross-border telecom fraud cases 2016/09/10
11. The 1st round cross-strait negotiation of the cross-border telecom fraud cases 2016/09/10
12. Taiwan calls for joint investigation in regard to the deportation of Taiwanese suspects from Cambodia to Mainland China. 2016/09/10
13. The Executive Yuan Council passed the Draft Amendments to the “Succession of the Civil Code” and the Draft Amendments to Article 2-1, 4, 9-1 of the “Enforcement Act of the Part of Succession of the Civil Code” and will submit a letter forwarding it to the Judicial Yuan and send it to the Legislative Yuan for review. 2016/09/09
14. The amendment to the Article 127 of the Administrative Procedure Act stipulates that an administrative authority shall request the restitution of the unjust enrichment without the need of filing a lawsuit. 2016/09/09
15. Anti-drug Mobilization – Join the Pokémon-Go Game Together 2016 Four-leaf Clover Market Event on Aug. 14 2016/09/09
16. New Scheme Started Drug Abuse Prevention Centers begin full-fledged guidance for Class 3 and 4 individual cases in July. 2016/09/09
17. "Code of Criminal Procedure (in respect of forfeiture, perpetuation of evidence) " the amendment of partial regulations have been completed through the Third Reading by the Legislative Yuan on May 27 this year(2016) ,completing the confiscation legal system 2016/09/09
18. New criminal confiscation law will be implemented on July 1,2016, prosecutors ready for fighting. The confiscation of criminal law is about to start, so the criminal proceedings have no way out. 2016/09/09
19. The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland has ruled the decision to return the illegal proceeds to Taiwan at the amount of US$6,746,840 (equivalent to approximately NT$200 million), acquired by the former ROC President Mr. Chen Shui-bian as bribes from the merging case of Yuanta with Fuhua during the Second Financial Reform Case and remitted to Switzerland. Below is the statement given by Supreme Prosecutors Office: 2015/09/02
20. Today (5th of May 2015) the Legislative Yuan passed the third reading of the “Taiwan to Adopt the United Nations Convention against Corruption Bill” and “Act to Implement United Nations Convention against Corruption Draft”, demonstrating Taiwan’s determination to fight corruption. With current global anti-corruption trends and international legal standards, we aim to effectively prevent and eradicate corruption. 2015/09/02