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1. Which kind of software can be used to open or edit ODF file?
2. How to address the problem if one disagrees with a case of delayed prosecution or non-prosecution?
3. How does the private sector participate in monitoring and preventing delinquencies?
4. Why does it take more time to process a parole case and why is a parole case rejected even if it meets the provisions of Article 77 of the Criminal Code?
5. How to accuse a crime if it is found?
6. Which government agency has sorted the legal interpretations made by various ministries and commissions?
7. How to make an accusation if one’s own rights or interests are infringed?
8. How should people make an accusation against corruption?
9. What is the difference between the new statutory system of separate property for spouse (the new system) and the old system of joint property (old system)?
10. How can the private sector participate in crime-preventing activities?
11. How to apply for transferring imprisonment of a convict for the convenience of visit by dependents?
12. How to get the protection and what is the amount of reward for the accuser?
13. Is there any restriction on the number of visits to a rehab inmate? And how many times?
14. How should the people read the asset declaration made by a public servant?
15. What kinds of aid can after-care associations provide for ex-cons and how to contact these associations?
16. How is administrative procedure related to people’s rights and interests?