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Is there any restriction on the number of visits to a rehab inmate? And how many times?

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Ans.: 1. Prison inmates: According to Article 62 of the Prison Execution Act, visits to a prison inmate are limited to next of kin and dependents. Unless otherwise stipulated, Article 63 of the Prison Execution Act provides the visit is limited to once a week and 30 minutes for each time. Article 56 of progressive penalty provides that the visits are limited to once a week for Class-1 convicts, once every three days for Class-2 convicts and once or twice for Class-3 convicts. (請注意原文矛盾:另依行刑累進處遇第五十六條之規定,第一級受刑人每星期一次、第三級受刑人每星期一次或二次、第二級受刑人每三日一次、第一級受刑人不予限制。) 2. Defendants under custody: According to Paragraph 2, Article 72, of the Prison Execution Act, the visit to a defendant shall be under the close watch of a warden. The visit is limited to once a week and 30 minutes each time. But, there is no limit to a visit for uncontrollable reasons approved by the superintendent of the jail. 3. Students of a reform school: Article 44 of the Reform School Statute provides that a student under reform may receive family and friends no more than twice a week with 30 minutes for each time. The number and the time may be increased with specific approval by the head of the school. 4. Inmates of a juvenile detention house: According to Article 26 of the Juvenile Detention House Statute, a juvenile under detention may receive family and friends, but the right may be denied if the head of the detention house believes that the meeting may affect the investigation of the case or the rights and interests of the detainee. 5. Forced rehab inmates under observation: Article 12 of the Rehab Execution Statute provides that visitors to an inmate are limited to the spouse and lineal blood relatives and, unless otherwise approved by the institution’s officer, he or she is not allowed to meet siblings. 6. Rehab inmates: Article 22 of the Rehab Penalty Statute provides that a rehab inmate may meet his or her relatives and dependents but not common friends. 7. Inmates receiving labor education penalty: Article 22 of the Rehabilitative Measure Act stipulates that a rehabilitative institution shall allow a person subjected to rehabilitative penalty to meet his or her family and friends but the meeting is limited to twice a week and 30 minutes a time. The number and time may be increased if the officer of the institution approves.
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