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What kinds of aid can after-care associations provide for ex-cons and how to contact these associations?

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Ans.: The after-care associations under the MOJ’s guidance can provide ex-cons with the following assistances: 1. Direct care: They provide care through education, influence, and skill training. They also seek social welfare and medical institutions to settle the old, ill and disabled ex-cons. 2. Indirect care: They help ex-cons get employment and schooling or assist them in other appropriate ways. 3. Temporary care: They finance the return of ex-cons to their former domiciles or provide them with small loans or help them in other appropriate ways. The contacts of the after-care associations are as follows: The Taiwan After-Care Association Incorporated: Telephone: 02-27371232, Fax: 02-27370543 The Fujian After-care Association: Telephone: 082-321687 Fax: 082-324794

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