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How does the private sector participate in monitoring and preventing delinquencies?

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Ans.: Currently, the work of monitoring and preventing delinquency is divided into that for juveniles and that for adults. The work of monitoring and preventing juvenile delinquency is the charge of juvenile delinquency investigation officers and the juvenile detention houses. The work for adults falls on the shoulders of the monitoring and preventing officers of various district prosecutors’ offices. For adults, the tasks include: 1. Carrying out the program of delayed prosecution in the community. 2. Executing the protection and restraining measures. 3. Handling other judicial protection and prevention affairs. All individuals who are interested in this work and can meet the following conditions are welcome to go to the district prosecutors’ offices to enroll as volunteers: 1. Over 20 years of age 2. Having a good character and reputation 3. Enthusiastic over monitoring and preventing delinquencies 4. Having a stable life and enough spare time 5. Having good health and the ability to render service 6. Passing the basic, special, and practical trainings 7. Capable of writing reports The following civic bodies that can meet the following conditions are welcome to enroll and join the delinquency monitoring and preventing ranks: Accredited public welfare organizations that have full-time staff for handling social welfare, educational, psychological counseling, religious, and charity affair The volunteer civic bodies that are intended to help execute delinquency monitoring and preventing cases shall also meet the conditions required of individual volunteers as listed before. For further information, please go to the MOJ’s website to download the “Key Points for Recruiting Delinquency Monitoring and Preventing Volunteers by Prosecutorial Offices.”

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