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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
121 A Good Start for the New Year The joint auction on the “first” “Tuesday” of every month, starting at... 2024/01/12
122 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240110) 2024/01/12
123 Jiugongge Baseball Throwing Competition For Inmates in December,2023. 2024/01/12
124 Drunk Driving Care Road Safety Training Activities in December,2023. 2024/01/12
125 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.1.12) 2024/01/11
126 Community Service Execution Status (PDF) 2024/01/11
127 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.1.11) 2024/01/10
128 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240109) 2024/01/10
129 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240108) 2024/01/09
130 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.1.10) 2024/01/09
131 AEA Towards the International Stages and Became a “Role Model for the World” with Praises from Forei... 2024/01/09
132 The Bulletin Board Of The Cultivating, Art And Cultural Activities In December, 2023 2024/01/09
133 The Bulletin Board of the Social Workers’ Section in December, 2023 2024/01/09
134 [Hualien Detention Center]Daily number of inmates(01/09) 2024/01/09
135 Major policy of Executive Yuan:Optimizing industrial investment 2024/01/09
136 Major policy of Executive Yuan:Next-generation anti-fraud strategy guidelines, version 1.5 2024/01/09
137 Major policy of Executive Yuan:Social housing for social justice 2024/01/09
138 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.1.9) 2024/01/08
139 Student's Creation for Anti-Bribery REveals on Zhengyi Shihu 4-Panel Comics 2024/01/08
140 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240107) 2024/01/08
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