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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
41 The List of inmates who can’t meet(PDF) 2022/11/04
42 resident of National Democratic Institute Derek J. Mitchell, Senior Advisor of Asia Adam Nelson, and... 2022/11/03
43 VP Lai vows to deepen Taiwan-Palau ties, maintain Indo-Pacific security during official visit 2022/11/03
44 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2022.11.4) 2022/11/03
45 October Monthly statistics (pdf) 2022/11/02
46 nnouncement: The performance of prosecutors’ investigation into bribery in connection with the nine-... 2022/11/02
47 elegates from Ministry of Justice and Agency Against Corruption attended 35th APEC Anti-Corruption a... 2022/11/01
48 Our school conducts student "volleyball games" 2022/11/01
49 School Wins Transparent Crystal Award for Flip Correcting School Stereotypes 2022/10/31
50 2022 August Inmate Chest X-ray Screening Tour. 2022/10/31
51 on't slack off on epidemic prevention, but also don’t stop the auction The total highest-bidding amo... 2022/10/31
52 2022/10/5 Entertainment Activity. 2022/10/27
53 The offenders gender and age in offenses against sexual autonomy and sexual morality_111.10.27 2022/10/27
54 aiwan-Switzerland Cooperation Milestone First Transfer of a Sentenced Person Successfully Completed_... 2022/10/27
55 Forbidden numbers of reception on 26/10/2022 2022/10/25
56 Our school conducts "Restorative Justice Seminar" 2022/10/24
57 Taiwan joins EU-led declaration on privacy, personal data protection 2022/10/24
58 Community Service Execution Status (PDF) 2022/10/24
59 It is announced that the school will resume the flexible adjustment of interviews from now on. 2022/10/21
60 ur school holds an online meeting for the "111 Years of Adversity Youth and Family Support Service P... 2022/10/21
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