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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
181 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230110) 2023/01/11
182 Community Service Execution Status (PDF) 2023/01/11
183 Corrections Department Keelung Detention Center 2023/01/10
184 epartment of Corrections Keelung Detention Center Use the public broadcasting system of each buildi... 2023/01/10
185 epartment of Corrections Keelung Detention Center Promote drug use knowledge among inmates, and pla... 2023/01/10
186 trengthen the concept of epidemic prevention Play with public broadcasting system CDC covid-19 Educa... 2023/01/10
187 Corrections Department Keelung Detention Center Mental Illness and Mental Health Education Videos 2023/01/10
188 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2023.1.11) 2023/01/10
189 2023/1/5 face to face familial visits to celebrate Chinese New Year. 2023/01/10
190 Academic Affairs Office) Fo Guang Shan Charity Foundation and Ming Yang Middle School jointly organi... 2023/01/10
191 Mingyang Middle School's unique students have a Spring Festival kiss meeting 2023/01/10
192 n the day (January 10, 2023) the detainees of Mingyang Middle School were unable to receive the deta... 2023/01/10
193 Academic Affairs Office) "Barbecue Activity" for the whole school in the first semester of the 111 s... 2023/01/10
194 nnouncement: Statistics of acceptance, indictment, conviction, and conviction rate of corruption cas... 2023/01/10
195 Asia New Bay Area 5G AIoT Innovation Park delivers 2022 report card 2023/01/10
196 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230109) 2023/01/10
197 December Narcotics prevention lectures. 2023/01/09
198 December Rehabilitation promotion lectures. 2023/01/09
199 December Employment promotion lectures. 2023/01/09
200 Results of early warning, further corruption prevention and project auditing in 2022 2023/01/09
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