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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
7261 Supreme Prosecutors Office News Release on Conclusion of Investigations in Violations of Securities Transaction Act by Lo Fu-Chu and Others 2011/07/07
7262 Graduation ceremony-cum-technical training results will be published 2011/07/02
7263 Summer courses start of training students in chess and chess materials donation ceremony 2011/07/02
7264 2011-06-15 Report of Investigation Results on Pin-Han Perfumery Company, suspected of producing and selling cloudy agent containing toxic chemical DINP 2011/06/27
7265 Student Dance Competition 2011/06/24
7266 2011.05.28 Brief Explanation on the Investigation of Pin-Han Perfumery Company Suspected of Producing and Selling Cloudy Emulsions Containing Toxic Chemical DINP 2011/06/10
7267 Family life education activities in 100 years 2011/06/10
7268 News Release on Conclusion of Joint Investigations by Martial Law and Judiciary in “Jiang Guo-Qing Case” 2011/06/08
7269 (Issue date: 2011/5/27)A decade of hard work brings cumulative benefit 2011/06/03
7270 "Live Life - suicide prevention, " Health Education Seminar 2011/06/01
7271 Information security education and training held 2011/06/01
7272 Twelve students participated in school year 99 of the Basic Competency Test 2011/05/27
7273 2011-05-05 A Drug Trafficking Ring Uprooted with 240Kg of Ketamine Seized 2011/05/17
7274 Annual Dragon Boat Festival holiday period of 100 consecutive issues for students to interview family members 2011/05/13
7275 2011-04-29 " TheVoice You Raise, The Progress We Make "Here comes the train bound for judicial reform! 2011/05/10
7276 Substitute the Chief Executive Office of Changhua male basketball friendly match with our students 2011/05/09
7277 Mother's Day activities phone filial 2011/05/09
7278 "Music's Witnesses"rock gospel promotion activities 2011/04/22
7279 Staff Adjustment of Special Investigation Division 2011/03/31
7280 Notice the annual festival of 100 consecutive hospital during the holidays for the families of the students interviewed matters 2011/03/29
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