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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
7201 Winter Character Education Development Camp course 2012/02/06
7202 "Life Writer" Changhua University of Education Department of Special Education internship guidance published activities 2012/02/04
7203 101 Chinese New Year Family Reunion will be and telephone filial piety activities 2012/02/04
7204 Dharma Drum Mountain Yuanlin Office donated the raw cold of students' daily activities 2012/02/04
7205 Introduction and Reference of ‘Responses from all sectors to the ranking result of the 2011 Corruption Perception Index(CPI)of Taiwan, published by Transparency International, and the direction for future improvements’ 2012/02/03
7206 Dragons HSIEN RUEY celebrate New Year" New Year party 2012/02/03
7207 Winter Warmth of Justice– Cozy Donation in Freezing Days 2012/01/17
7208 "Anti-drug! Anti-AIDS!" Health education talks 2012/01/16
7209 "Influenza Prevention" Health education talks 2012/01/16
7210 Visiting activity and health care class will be held on February 6 2012. 2012/01/11
7211 6th Youth for remedial education enrollment Transition Co-ordination Group 2012/01/10
7212 "I have non-toxic, non-toxic and have my" parenting seminar 2012/01/10
7213 "100 years of love with the Christmas Club" activities 2012/01/04
7214 Activity highlights on December 2011. 2011/12/21
7215 Phone call and special visit(face to face) will be held on January 18 and 19 2012. 2011/12/09
7216 Visiting Activity and health care class will be held on 9 January 2012. 2011/12/09
7217 Protect Our Streets:KPO Cracks Down Illegal Street Racing 2011/12/08
7218 The Ministry of Justice’s Agency Against Corruption (AAC) is holding a series of activities including a forum on clean governance and an exhibition on Taiwan’s anti-corruption efforts to celebrate the 2011 International Anti-Corruption Day 2011/12/08
7219 Activity highlights on November 15 2011. 2011/12/06
7220 100 annual Games 2011/12/06
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