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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
4441 Announcement:New cases accepted by Supreme Prosecutors Office till October 2018 2018/11/07
4442 The inmates' menu three meals a day in two weeks 107.11.12~107.11.25(pdf) 2018/11/05
4443 Handling the "Anti-Bulling Four-frame Manga" Creative Poster Competition 2018/11/02
4444 Announcement: The performance of prosecutors’ investigation into bribery in connection with the elections of the President and the Vice President and legislators of the Legislative Yuan till October 31,2018 2018/11/01
4445 AEA mascot “Pi-Bao” made her debut, raising conclusion of the auction revenues to NT$122,390,000 plus. 2018/10/29
4446 AEA mascot “Pi-Bao” was unveiled amid much fanfare. 2018/10/29
4447 Inmates' painting contest works in October,2018. 2018/10/29
4448 Activity highlights in October,2018. 2018/10/26
4449 Announcement: Statistics of acceptance, indictment, conviction, and conviction rate of corruption cases in district prosecutors offices till September 2018. 2018/10/25
4450 The Bulletin Board of the Family Activity in September, 2018 2018/10/24
4451 The Bulletin Board of the Cultivating, Art and Cultural Activity in September, 2018 2018/10/24
4452 The Bulletin Board of the Social Worker’s Section in September, 2018 2018/10/24
4453 The inmates' menu three meals a day in two weeks 107.10.29~107.11.4(pdf) 2018/10/22
4454 Announcement: The Performance of Elimination of Organized Crime in September 2018/10/19
4455 A rice-bribe case is under investigation by the Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office, and a candidate for village chief is on bail in NT$200,000. 2018/10/19
4456 Handling the "Health Education Risk and AIDS Prevention and Treatment" Health Education Seminar 2018/10/18
4457 The inmates' menu three meals a day in two weeks 107.10.15~107.10.28(pdf) 2018/10/18
4458 Handling the lecture on life education of "lighting the road" 2018/10/16
4459 Activity highlights in September,2018. 2018/10/08
4460 Announcement:Result and judgement of extraordinary appeals filed with Supreme Prosecutors Office till September 2018 2018/10/05
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