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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
4461 (Issue date: 2009/05/26)The Performance of the Administrative Enforcement Agency Breaks NT$180 Billion 2009/06/06
4462 (Issue date: 2009/01/15)The Performance of the Administrative Enforcement Agency Breaks NT$170 Billion 2009/01/20
4463 (Issue date: 2008/12/25)2008 directors’forum for administrative enforcement agency business 2009/01/06
4464 Knowledge and Protection for Explosive Devices 2008/12/03
4465 (Issue date: 2008/11/03)Reward Activity for Outstanding Substitutive Service Draftees in the Second Half of 2008 and the Management Operation Seminar for Specified Managers held by the Administrative Enforcement Agency 2008/11/07
4466 165 Anti- Fraud Program 2008/11/03
4467 (Issue date: 2008/09/18)Administrative Enforcement Agency Breaks NT$160 Billion 2008/09/30
4468 In the case where the KMT Legislative Yuan (The Congress) Caucus accused government heads of abuse in special fees, the Special Investigation Division of The Supreme Prosecutors Office already completed and concluded Phase I investigation, bringing nine alleged officials into indictment and concluding with no-indictment for six others who prove to have been backed with no concrete criminal facts. 2008/09/26
4469 As always, we at the Supreme Prosecutors Office handle all cases absolutely on an objective, impersonal and just basis. We voice our opinions only through our spokesman. Never do we voice different versions nor do we release any false information which could not possibly be verified. 2008/09/26
4470 Former-President state affairs fund, Special Investigation Division 2008/09/26
4471 The press stated: “That Legislator (Congressman) Chiu Yi pointed out: …After Huang Jui-ching’s bank account in Switzerland was frozen, Former-President Chen once invited Former Minister of Justice Shih Mao-lin, Former Investigation Bureau Head Yeh Sheng-mao and Prosecutor-General of SPO Chen Tsung-ming to the Presidential Residence to study the subject issue…”. The press report is inconsistent with the facts. 2008/09/26
4472 To celebrate the upcoming warm Father’s Day in August 2008/08/11
4473 The Prosecutor, the Investigation Bureau and the Agency of the Coastal Patrol arrested drug smugglers on the fishing boat “Ming-Chi-Li” 2008/07/30
4474 A Special Team was Established for the Investigation of the Baseball Team Coach Case 2008/07/10
4475 (Issue date: 2008/05/21)The compassion team of the Administrative Enforcement Agency responds to the Sichuan disaster relief activity and donates NT$ 27,000 2008/06/30
4476 “The Divisional Investigation Center for Anti-Bribery Election” is Established by Kaohsiung District Prosecutors Office. 2008/06/26
4477 Prosecutor Junfu Lin Led Investigators to Hunt Down an Amphetamines Manufactory in Kaohsiung 2008/06/05
4478 (Issue date: 2008/05/27)The Administrative Enforcement Agency, Ministry of Justice, held activities to promote convenience stores commissioned for fee collections with an exhibition of the enforcement for a NT$150 billion breakthrough 2008/05/30
4479 (Issue date: 2008/05/26)Please pay attention to the new fraud application and avoid being cheated 2008/05/26
4480 A Theft Group was Hunt Down by the Prosecutor and Kaohsiung City Government Police Bureau 2008/05/08
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