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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
4461 Jhunan Office, National Tax Administration of Central Taiwan Province, Ministry of Finance and our department would implement a business advocacy campaign in Long Feng Fishing Port on September 22. 2012/09/17
4462 Drug offenders Counseling and Guidance "health education talks 2012/09/17
4463 Visiting activity will be held on October 8,2012. 2012/09/12
4464 Integrity Chronicle by Agency Against Corruption (AAC), Ministry of Justice (July 2011 - July 2012) 2012/09/11
4465 The Ede Fa-rectification College opening ceremony 2012/09/11
4466 Supreme Prosecutors Office news release regarding corruption allegations against former Vice-Premier Tsai Ying-Wen. (2012/8/14) 2012/08/31
4467 Children less trading cum-drug prevention education advocacy seminars 2012/08/30
4468 Life Education, Culture and Sport activities - students, tug-of-war 2012/08/30
4469 "AIDS and the Protection of the Rights and Interests of the dangers of drug use prevention health education talks 2012/08/29
4470 Activity highlights in August,2012. 2012/08/29
4471 The Buddhist Summer Character Education Development Camp 2012/08/27
4472 Coping with suicide prevention, health education seminars 2012/08/20
4473 Wheat Symphonic Band care concerts 2012/08/18
4474 Phone call and special visiting (face to face) activities will be held on September 27,28,2012. 2012/08/16
4475 Visiting activity will be held on September 10,2012. 2012/08/16
4476 Sound Health endless - saxophone orchestra tour 2012/08/08
4477 SPO news release on holding “Remember the Past as Mirror for the Present – Exhibition of Supreme Prosecutors Office Archives” (2012/7/9) 2012/08/03
4478 My future is not a dream Care Series Activity 2012/08/03
4479 SPO news release regarding application to take defendant Lin Yi-Shi into custody (2012/7/2) 2012/08/01
4480 "Understanding AIDS drugs" Health education talks 2012/08/01
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