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Affiliated Organizations News

No. Title Post Date
4581 2011-11-22 Conference on “Investigation and Inspection of Anti-Bribery Election by Prosecutors and Other Investigative Agencies” held by Banciao District Prosecutors Office 2011/11/23
4582 Recreational activity on December 2011:eight persons tug-of-war contest 2011/11/17
4583 “I, as the defender of our democracy”: Chief Prosecutor and head prosecutors cast, An instructional film shot to summon public participation in fighting vote-buying 2011/11/04
4584 Activities highlights on October 2011 2011/11/04
4585 Visiting Activity will be held on 5 December 2011. 2011/11/04
4586 "Let's light up life," public lecture event 2011/11/01
4587 "Thanks for the Memories Mother Grace" Students birthday party 2011/11/01
4588 Forgive and forgiveness." Film school education, the activities of life 2011/10/31
4589 Music ear sounds - Interior, National Taiwan Symphony Orchestra concert tour 2011/10/28
4590 Summarized News Release for Establishment of SPO’s “Anti-Vote Buying and Violence Investigation Division”, and Convening of the “Prosecutorial, Police, Investigative and Ethical Supervisors Conference on Investigations for the Elections of 13th Term President and Vice-President and 8th Term Legislative Yuan Members in 2012”. 2011/10/18
4591 Summarized News Release on Appeals in Secret State Affairs Fund Case etc. 2011/10/18
4592 "Repair-style justice," the activities of film study 2011/10/17
4593 10-kilogram Methamphetamine Seized Timely by the Kaohsiung Prosecution, the prevalence of drugs thus prevented 2011/10/12
4594 Recreational activities and classes held on September 2011 2011/10/12
4595 Visiting activity will be held on 7 November 2011 2011/10/12
4596 Visiting activities at 7 November 2011 2011/10/12
4597 2011-09-26 Environmental Crime Investigation Center Founded to Fight Environmental Illegality 2011/10/04
4598 100 years of quarantine Outstanding Group Award 2011/10/04
4599 Taiwan Institute of Buddhist counseling for hand-hospital care activities in the Mid-Autumn 2011/10/04
4600 100 annual Mid-Autumn Festival activities calls filial 2011/10/04
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