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No. Title Date
41 New criminal confiscation law will be implemented on July 1,2016, prosecutors ready for fighting. The confiscation of criminal law is about to start, so the criminal proceedings have no way out. 2016/09/09
42 The Federal Supreme Court of Switzerland has ruled the decision to return the illegal proceeds to Taiwan at the amount of US$6,746,840 (equivalent to approximately NT$200 million), acquired by the former ROC President Mr. Chen Shui-bian as bribes from the merging case of Yuanta with Fuhua during the Second Financial Reform Case and remitted to Switzerland. Below is the statement given by Supreme Prosecutors Office: 2015/09/02
43 Today (5th of May 2015) the Legislative Yuan passed the third reading of the “Taiwan to Adopt the United Nations Convention against Corruption Bill” and “Act to Implement United Nations Convention against Corruption Draft”, demonstrating Taiwan’s determination to fight corruption. With current global anti-corruption trends and international legal standards, we aim to effectively prevent and eradicate corruption. 2015/09/02
44 Taiwan and Japan work together to restore food safety 2015/09/02
45 Minister of Justice Luo Ying-shay, along with her delegation, attended the annual summer meeting of The National Association of Attorneys General (NAAG). At the general assembly, Minister Luo gave a speech titled “Mutual trust and assistance is the bridge to justice”. 2015/09/02
46 AOC Approves Medical Treatment on Bail for Former President Chen 2015/05/04
47 Recreating the Incident, Looking into Possible Negligence 2015/05/04
48 Forensic Results Determined All Gun Shot Wounds to the Head as Self-Inflicted 2015/05/04
49 Taiwan-US mutual legal assistance: Taipei District Prosecutors Office seized more than US$ 15 million illegal income of drug trafficking in an Taiwan Bank account on behalf of the US 2014/11/28
50 Scottish Cabinet Secretary for Justice agreed to extradite Zain Taj Dean to Taiwan 2014/11/27
51 The Ministry of Justice and the China Judicial Authorities today (4th) announce their cooperation to complete the first case of transfer of remains in a murder case under Cross-strait Mutual Legal Assistance 2014/11/27
52 A precedent in extradition between Republic of China and the United Kingdom to achieve justice 2014/11/26
53 Fifth Anniversary of the Enforcement of Cross-strait Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement: the Effectiveness of Mutual Judicial Cooperation 2014/11/26
54 Expropriating Illegal Proceeds via Cross-strait Mutual Judicial Assistance - the first case of refunding fraud payments to mainland China victims 2014/11/25
55 Justice has been upheld after more than a year’s transnational proceedings 2014/11/25
56 Our Country Becomes a Member of the Asset Recovery Inter- Agency Network of Asia/ Pacific (ARIN-AP) 2014/11/24
57 First-batch Taiwanese prisoners in China will back to serve sentences in Taiwan before Ching Ming Festival 2014/11/24
58 Response of the Rpublic of China(Taiwan) to the US Country Reports on Human Rights Practices for 2012 2013/12/23
59 Regarding newspaper reports on questions raised by DPP Legislator Yu Mei-nu about a “stack of transcripts from wiretaps on Legislative Yuan number 0972 by the Hualien District Prosecutors Office,” the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) issues the following clarification: 2013/10/31
60 Response to Liberal International resolution on wiretapping in Taiwan 2013/10/26
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