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No. Title Post Date
101 Forbidden numbers of reception on 09/02/2023 2023/02/07
102 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230206) 2023/02/07
103 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2023.2.7) 2023/02/06
104 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230205) 2023/02/06
105 ighting Up the Lunar New Year- Miaoli District Prosecutors Office Brings Warm and Support to the Pr... 2023/02/06
106 he New Taipei Branch, Administrative Enforcement Agency (AEA), Ministry of Justice, will hold the Jo... 2023/02/06
107 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230203) 2023/02/04
108 The Bulletin Board of the Cultivating, Art and Cultural Activities in January, 2023 2023/02/04
109 The Bulletin Board of the Social Workers’ Section in January, 2023 2023/02/04
110 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230202) 2023/02/03
111 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2023.2.3) 2023/02/03
112 Tsai responds to pope’s World Day of Peace call for combating COVID-19 together 2023/02/02
113 Starting Feb. 7, Taiwan to ease entry and quarantine requirements 2023/02/02
114 nnouncement: The performance of prosecutors’ investigation into bribery in connection with the nine-... 2023/02/02
115 Number of inmates by category(PDF) 2023/02/01
116 The numbers of inmates suspended from visiting today 2023/02/01
117 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2023.2.1) 2023/01/31
118 Forbidden numbers of reception on 02/02/2023 2023/01/31
119 "Love. Hope" Keelung Detention Center Holds Rehabilitation Service Group Counseling Activities 2023/01/31
120 Inmates in Taipei Detention Center(20230130) 2023/01/31
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