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No. Title Post Date
41 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.2.20) 2024/02/19
42 (Academic Affairs Office) Spring Festival reunion dinner allows students and their families to celeb... 2024/02/19
43 (Academic Affairs Office) Standing on the stage, students confidently show their learning achievemen... 2024/02/19
44 29 guests, including teachers and master’s and doctoral students from the National Taiwan University... 2024/02/19
45 Announcement: Statistics of acceptance, indictment, conviction, and conviction rate of corruption ca... 2024/02/19
46 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240218) 2024/02/19
47 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.2.19) 2024/02/17
48 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240216) 2024/02/17
49 Taiwan remains 1st in Asia, 10th globally in EIU Democracy Index 2024/02/17
50 2024/1 Statistical Analysis Table of the Investigation of Punctual inquiry sessions by the Prosecuto... 2024/02/18
51 2024/1 Statistical Analysis Table of the Investigation of attitude in inquiry sessions by the Prosec... 2024/02/18
52 Our school organizes family Spring Festival greetings to warm and correct the hearts of young people 2024/02/16
53 Our school organizes the 113th Spring Festival telephone filial piety activity 2024/02/16
54 mates in Taipei Detention Center(20240215) 2024/02/16
55 Our school organizes the "Themed Classroom Decoration" Competition for Character and Life Education 2024/02/15
56 Dreams take off, passionate showdown, first restructuring-Inspirational Middle School & Dongshan... 2024/02/15
57 At the year-end, the Miaoli District Prosecutor's Office cares for the underprivileged, demonstratin... 2024/02/07
58 The Miaoli District Prosecutor's Office collaborates with social benevolence, extending warmth durin... 2024/02/07
59 The prisoner's number who unable to visit today.(2024.2.7) 2024/02/06
60 In the joint auction held in January 113 (2024), the total winning bid amounted to NT$21.72 million. 2024/02/06
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