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Information category on the involving foreign business of the Attorney Regulation Act

Application for Permit of Partnership between Foreign Legal Affairs Attorneys and ROC Attorneys

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1.The applicant shall be approved as a foreign legal affairs attorney by the Ministry of Justice and have a permit issued by the Ministry of Justice before making such application.

2.The information required to be completed on the application form is based on the legal practice information in the Republic of China.

3.Please indicate the applicant's current residence and contact information in the blank of this application form, so that the applicant may be notified to rectify any omissions in the application documents.

4.Before completing this application form, please go to the Laws & Regulations Database of the Republic of China provided by the Ministry of Justice to read the relevant provisions of the Attorney Regulation Act, the Enforcement Rules of the Attorney Regulation Act, and the Regulations Governing the Permission for Foreign Attorneys to Employ ROC Attorneys or to Partner with ROC Attorneys to Operate a Foreign Law Firm.

5.If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Huang, Section Clerk at the Department of Prosecutorial Affairs of the Ministry of Justice at Tel: (02)21910189 Ext. 2322.


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