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No. Title Post Date
4661 With regards to whether an appeal against the Lafayette military procurement fraud case will be filed, following a joint meeting with the Taiwan High Prosecutors Office and Taipei District Prosecutors Office, this Office has concluded that: no appeal will be filed against the part of the judgment against Lei Xue-Ming; an appeal will be filed against Guo Li-Heng, Guo Wen-Tian and Wang Chuan-Pu; the Office will continue prosecuting other persons who have received kickbacks. 2010/11/26
4662 2010-11-15 Gifts Bribery On Vote Cracked Down With A Borough Chief Candidate Taken Into Custody 2010/11/25
4663 2010-10-26 The following is the clarification statement regarding an investigation by the prosecutors of Banciao District Prosecutors Office on the suspected violation of anti-human trafficking regulations by some care center in Taipei County. 2010/11/24
4664 2010-11-10 Vote Bribery In The Disguise Of Free Computer Maintenance Cracked Down 2010/11/22
4665 2010-11-02 Cash Bribery On Vote Cracked Down Once Again By District Prosecutors Office 2010/11/11
4666 2010-10-27 The First Case to Crack Down ¡Phantom Population¡ on Vote in Taipei County by Prosecutors 2010/11/03
4667 2010-10-27 Organized Crimes of Extortion, Unlawful Confinement and Debt Collection with Violence Cracked Down 2010/11/03
4668 2010-10-26 The First Case to Crack Down Cash Bribery on Vote in Taipei County by Prosecutors 2010/11/01
4669 2010-10-19 Prosecutor from this office received award at the first ceremony on Social Grievance Dispelling Program held by Ministry of Justice 2010/10/26
4670 2010-10-14 Prosecutors, the Police, and the MJIB Work Together to Combat Bribery 2010/10/14
4671 2010-10-01 Diet Medicine Containing Ephedrine Seized By Prosecutor 2010/10/08
4672 News release regarding alleged misappropriation of Presidential Office documents by former President Mr. Chen Shui-Bian. 2010/10/06
4673 Reciprocal Judicial Assistance in Seizure of Wang Chuan-pu’s Assets 2010/10/06
4674 2010-09-30 The Crackdown of the Largest Criminal Ring Illegally Harvesting Virgin Forest Wood“Cattle Camphor 2010/09/30
4675 2010-09-25 Bribery Knock-Down Is On The Road!! 2010/09/27
4676 2010-09-21 With the capture of the main suspect nicknamed "Shark", Banciao District Prosecutors Office successfully implemented MOJ's " Resentment Removal Program" and cracked down a cross-border drug trafficking plot 2010/09/21
4677 The ceremony for official formation of the “Vote Buying and Violence Investigation and Supervision Taskforce” of the Supreme Prosecutors Office took place at 10:00am on August 31, 2010, with Minister Zheng of Justice and Prosecutor General Huang jointly unveiling plaque. 2010/08/31
4678 Announcing conclusion of investigations in the case of transfer of postal savings fund to the Sunny Bank 2010/06/15
4679 Results in Investigating Vote Buying in the 2010 Irrigation Associations President and Committee Members Elections 2010/06/15
4680 Announcing Progress in Investigation of Alleged Misappropriation of Discretionary Funds by Legislative Yuan President Wang Jin-Pyng 2010/06/15
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