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1. The joint auction held before Father's Day resulted in exceptional performance with a total amount of around 140,990,000 NTD made from the final bid. 2019/08/23
2. Announcement:The Performance of Elimination of Organized Crime in July,2019. 2019/08/23
3. The school handles the 2019 student "Summer Youth Growth Camp" 2019/08/21
4. The unveiling ceremony of the “The Northern Taiwan Training Center of Seized Property Auctions And Digital Forensics” organized by Taipei District Prosecutors Office.(PDF) 2019/08/21
5. Key Points of the Amendment on The Classified National Security Information Protection Act 2019/08/20
6. Handling the "Summer Buddhist Growth Camp" in 2019 2019/08/12
7. The joint auction held in the summer vacation resulted in exceptional performance with a total amount of 365,480,000 NTD made from the final bid. 2019/08/08
8. Handling the "Life Education Film Appreciation Writing" Competition 2019/08/05
9. Handling the "Quality of Life for All" activity 2019/08/05
10. 2019-04-15 The Investigation on the Owners of Pu-XX International Co., Ltd. in Violation with the Banking Act. 2019/08/01
11. Announcement: The performance of prosecutors’ investigation into bribery in connection with the elections of the President and the Vice President and legislators of the Legislative Yuan till July 31,2019 2019/08/01
12. The investigation over the largest cash-bribery case in the history of our jurisdiction and the first one in Township councilor election within the year was finalized. Here are some takeaways of the results.(PDF) 2019/07/31
13. Handling 2019 Information Security Education Training and Promotion Activities 2019/07/31
14. Announcement:The Performance of Elimination of Organized Crime in June,2019. 2019/07/30
15. Taiwan Taipei District Prosecutors Office (“TTDPO”) celebrated 70th anniversary by hosting a book launch of “Annal of Taipei District Prosecutors Office: Imperial Taipei, Majestic Legitimacy”, the summary of TTDPO historical facts for the past years.(PDF) 2019/07/25
16. Announcement: Statistics of acceptance, indictment, conviction, and conviction rate of corruption cases in district prosecutors offices till June 2019. 2019/07/23
17. Handling the "Family System Arrangement" Lecture 2019/07/23
18. The school handles students' "Legal Counseling and Rule of Law Education" activities 2019/07/19
19. Today's forbidden number (2019.07.19) 2019/07/19
20. The unit cooperated with the Labor Department of Changhua County on July 11, 2019 to handle employment promotion lectures. 2019/07/18