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1. Regulations for Administration of 1900MHz Digital Low-Power Wireless Telephone Business 2019/08/13
2. Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods 2019/08/02
3. Enforcement Rules of the Labor Pension Act 2019/07/29
4. Regulations for Governing the Management of Medical Device 2019/07/29
5. Regulations Governing Investment of Postal Savings in Bonds, Bills and Notes 2019/07/25
6. Political Archives Act 2019/07/24
7. Regulations of subsidy for the compensation for emergency control of plant diseases and pests 2019/07/23
8. Food Administration Act 2019/07/17
9. Agricultural Products Market Transaction Act 2019/07/17
10. Regulations for the Minimum Standards of Seafarer Wages, On-Shore Charges, and Overtime Charges 2019/07/12
11. Regulations Governing Concurrent Serving Restrictions and Matters for Compliance by the Responsible Persons of Electronic Stored Value Card Issuers 2019/07/11
12. Rules Governing the Application of Banks Concurrently Conduct the Underwriting and Trading of Bonds, Beneficiary Securities 2019/07/10
13. Amendment on Certain Articles of the Regulations on Development and Management of the Lands Reserved for Indigenous People 2019/07/03
14. Regulations for Allocation of Centrally-Funded Tax Revenues 2019/07/03
15. Regulations on Development and Management of the Lands Reserved for Indigenous People 2019/07/03
16. Regulations for Quarantine of Animal/Plant Carried by Passengers and Service Personnel on Vehicles 2019/07/03
17. Rules Governing the Administration of Electronic Payment Business 2019/07/02
18. Regulations Governing the Application of Animal Testing for the Safety Assessment of Cosmetics or Cosmetic Ingredients Article 1, 2, 4 2019/06/28
19. Enforcement Rules of Cosmetic Hygiene and Safety Act 2019/06/27
20. Regulations for Qualifications and Training of Cosmetics Professional Technicians 2019/06/27