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Election Fraud Investigation Mechanism

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The investigation of election fraud is related to the development of democracy and governance. The election investigation strategies of Ministry of Justice in the 2018 nine-in-one include “Three arrows of fraud investigation,” “Eight steps of strategies” and “Three steps of deployment” .

A. Three arrows of fraud investigation

  1. First arrow“Proactive fraud investigation”:The Agency promulgated the “Fraud Investigation Work Guidelines” on April 9, 2018 and Taiwan High Court Prosecutor’s Office proposed the “Strengthening of Investigation Election Fraud Plan,” The prosecutor’s office shall follow the aforementioned guidelines and strengthening plan to voluntarily integrate and coordinate with relevant administrative agencies (institutions), which will boost horizontal contact, integrate anti-election fraud strength, and effectively apply human resource and resources to investigate the fraud through teamwork.

  2. 2nd arrow“Violence suppression”:Prevent the intervention of violence to the election is the important task of this election, which importance is just as important as election fraud investigation work.

  3. Third arrow“Anti-Fraud Propaganda”:The anti-election fraud shall not be limited to investigation and reinforcement practice but shall apply valid promotion and deliberately prevention measure for full promotion and proactive investigation. The public is also encouraged to report to root out the damage of fraud money on democracy and politics.

B. Eight steps of strategies:The eight strategies are described briefly as followed,

  1. Integrate anti-fraud force:Strengthen horizontal supervision and horizontal contact.

  2. Pre-Deployment and Wide Establishment of Evidence Collection to Increase Valid Intelligence.

  3. Use technology for fraud investigation by establishing election intelligence database.

  4. Strengthen Investigation and Supervision by District by locking key regions.

  5. Apply legal regulations to trace and investigate.

  6. Investigate “Ghost Voters” to maintain voting fairness.

  7. Prevent violence intervention and investigate underground bets.

  8. Strengthen Anti-Election Fraud Propaganda and encourage public to report election fraud.

C. Three steps of deployment:

The key to success in election investigation lies on the control of valid intelligence. The past prosecutors’ offices adopted choice-based deployment but this time adopted regional and comprehensive deployment.

Step 1:Deployment

Step 2:Visiting Deployment

Step 3:Denoting the Deployment

The prosecutors, police, investigators, and government ethics will continue to work closely in order to mutually support each other and cooperate, thereby enhancing the intensity and mobility strength of fraud investigation. The public is encouraged to bring citizens’ responsibility into full play and strive to rigorously combat election fraud and prevent violence.

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