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The project of building Smart-Prison

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To build a smart prison is an important milestone in the appliance of smart technology for prison administration in correctional institutions. The project, divided into 3 years, applies emerging technologies to assist administrative management and enhance management efficiency. The implementation of the plan includes:

  1. Intelligent identification integration system construction: the concept of the inmate's intelligent identity card, the inmate can use QR-code combined with the biometric identification system, supplemented by the network system, and cooperate with the basic network construction and procurement machine, to build a smart identification integration system, integrating the consumer shopping review mechanism, identification and related information systems. Inmates can easily use intelligent identification to carry out daily shopping online through interactive kiosk;
  2. Intelligent security monitoring system: continuing the achievements of the intelligent surveillance system development project in 2016, using biometric technology according to the architectural pattern of the organization, strengthening the management and control function of the inmates' activity area.

The security protection model will be established with the features of accurate information, rapid mobilization, deliberative decision, proper management and powerful protection.

The project has the following advantages:

  1. To establish an intelligent perimeter security system and solve the problem of personnel shortage.
  2. Standardizing the specification of monitoring systems for the integration of diverse security alarm systems and to build up the remote monitoring system.
  3. To construct dynamic databases of reportable events through the application of wisdom image analysis.
  4. Shortening the time to deal with emergencies by integrating security facilities.
  5. To build both main control and sub-control centers to ensure the whole system work well.
  6. To create correctional database for further big data analysis with different sections.
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