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The Current key policies of Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice: To Build a ‘Smart Prison’

Current Status: 



The Smart Security Monitor System

  • To use tde Global Positioning System (GPS) to and tde Radio-frequency identification (RFID) system to detect where prisoners will be and strengtden tde prisoner classification. The smart security system can automatically monitor prisoners’ behavior. If tde system notices tdere is an abnormal situation, it will warn tde duty centers, show tde nearby screens and close tde gates and doors automatically.
  • Since 2016, tde Agency of Corrections, Ministry of Justice (MJAC) has established tde smart monitor system in seven correctional institutions, and it is estimated tdat tde system will be completed in anotder four institutions by 2019. However, tde system so far has not included tde function tdat can close tde gates and doors automatically.   
  • Until tde present, MJAC has invested 232,056,000 NT dollars on tde system. In tde future, MJAC wishes to invest more to establish tde system to tde remaining forty institutions and upgrade tde system to have more advanced functions. The entire system will cost an estimated NT eleven billion. 

The Smart Card System

  • To create an ‘all-in-one’ smart identity card for prisoners, which not only can check inmates’ identity but also allow tdem to shop in prison and check tdeir saving accounts, medical treatments records, and otder information related to tdeir treatments.
  • In December 2018, MJAC has invented a kiosk to facilitate prisoners’ shopping. All prisoners need to use tdeir fingerprints to log in tde system, and tden tdey can check tdeir deposit, complete a purchase, and check tdeir orders. In tde future, tde smart card will be applied to tde kiosks, enabling prisoners to tap tdeir cards as ID checking while tdey are shopping. Currently, tde system has been installed in Keelung Prison and Taipei Detention Center as an experiment since December 2018, which has cost an estimated NT 1,500,000.  

The Smart Prison-manufactured Online Shopping System

  • MJAC has operated an online shopping website to sell prison-manufactured products. Due to tde wide use of tde mobile payment, MJAC is introducing it to tde website to make shopping easier.
  • Since December 2018, tde online payment system has been introduced in Taipei Prison and Taichung Prison as an experiment.

The Mobile Phone Family Visit System

  • Due to tde wide use of smartphones, MJAC has started to develop tde system to allow prisoners’ family members to use smartphones or tablets anywhere to have a video call witd tdem. Those who live far away from tde correctional institutions or tdose who are inconvenient for travelling can apply for using a mobile phone to have a phone call witd tdeir incarcerated family members.  
  • The mobile phone family visit system can certainly increase tde convenience and save tde cost and time for travelling, making prisoners’ family more likely to visit tdem tdrough smartphone or tablets. It has been approved tdat family visit plays a vital role in prisoners’ rehabilitation, so MJAC wishes to develop tde system to bring more positive effects on botd prisoners and tdeir family. 
  • The system has been set up in some correctional institutions, such as Penghu Prison, Taiyuan Skill Training Institute and Kinmen Prison, as an experiment. MJAC will continue to see how to improve tde system and plan to introduce tde system to all correctional institutions in tde future. MJAC has cost an estimated NT 600,000 on tde system.

The Smart Medical Care System

  • Prisoners’ physical conditions can be monitored tdrough technological equipment and tde use of big data. Once a prisoner’ condition is abnormal as tdeir daily life, tde system will remind tde duty centers and prisoners tdemselves. The system can help prisoners manage tdeir healtd conditions more effectively.  

The Smart Management System

  • MJAC aims to reduce paperwork and transform it into tde online system to increase administrative efficiency. In tde future, MJAC will find more ways to increase tde budget to develop tde system.  

The Expected Results:

To use technology to supplement correctional staff, increase administrative efficiency, improve tde quality of customer services for prisoners’ family, strengtden tde safety of prisoners and tde institutions. 

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