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How can the private sector participate in crime-preventing activities?

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Ans.: Children and youngsters are the future masters of the nation and also the hope of our time. One more effort of prevention will reduce one case of crime. Prevention is the best policy of crime prevention. The following are our approaches: 1. Entrench the rule of law in schools: Lining up the schools, parents, and community to push the rule of law in school education to let the rule of law take root in the minds of students 2. Give lectures in the community: Promoting laws in all communities to let citizens know the law and abide by the law and to make the rule of law into a habit and the norm of life 3. Render legal-counseling service: Providing the people with legal-counseling services through convenient channels 4. Give care and concern to youngsters: Combining the resources of the public and private sectors to conduct various activities on the prevention of drugs and piracy and on the way of self-protection Let’s all play a part: 1. Let specialists contribute their expertise: Inviting those with legal and educational training to join in school legal education and to provide legal counseling service to the people 2. Let all capable people contribute their time and ability: Inviting all people who have spare time and enthusiasm for the prevention of crime to join in school education on the rule of law and in vacation crime-preventing activities 3. Let all wealthy people contribute their money: Inviting wealthy individuals and organizations to finance legal-education and crime-prevention activities 4. Let all owners of media play their role: Welcoming print media, broadcasting stations, electronic channels, networks, and outdoor media and marketing units to participate in and plan various activities 5. Let all those who have ideas contribute their thoughts: Advising all those who have ideas on crime prevention to take note of our information on holding activities, use our services, and disseminate correct information to their friends The way to contact us: 1. All nationwide activities are to be promoted by this ministry. Please call the Department of Protection at 02-21910189#7320 2. Local services are rendered by district prosecutors’ offices in conjunction with the district’s religious, public welfare, and charity organizations. Please contact the document and transcription section of the prosecutors’ office.

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