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Dec. 12, 2019: MOJ completed the procedure of the transfer of one Danish sentenced person.

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The transnational prisoner transfer system enables the prisoner to return to his country to carry out the remaining sentence, while facilitating the visit of the prisoner's family, showing the humanitarian spirit, and helping the prisoner to return to society in the future and achieves the purpose of enlightenment. After years of deliberation, we finally reached an agreement with Denmark. On July 8, 2019, in the presence of the Minister of MOJ and MOFA, the Ambassador of Taiwan Representative Office in Denmark and the Director of the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, signed the Agreement on the Transfer of Prisoners in Taiwan. After 13 years following the previous agreement to avoid double taxation of income tax and prevention of tax evasion, Taiwan and Denmark signed an international agreement again. Based on this agreement and "Transfer of Sentenced Persons Act" which came into effect on July 23, 2013, in Taiwan, the prisoner can express his wish and submit an application, and when he meets certain conditions, he could return to his country to serve the remaining sentence.

This time, the Danish prisoner transferred was sentenced to 9 years by a Taiwan court for violation of Narcotics Hazard Prevention Act. The Danish court granted the execution of judgement and declare the same term sentence based on the respect of our judgment.

After receiving the ruling of the Danish court, MOJ immediately convened the "Transnational Transfer Prisoners Review Group". After the relevant requirements were reviewed, the committee recognized that the Danish prisoner meets the conditions and agreed the repatriation under Article 18 of Transfer of Sentenced Persons Act. The order for the removal of a prisoner shall be issued by MOJ and executed by Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecution Office where the prisoner is serving a prison.

In order to make the transfer smoothly, MOJ cooperated with MJIB, MOFA, Agency of Corrections, Ministry of the Interior National Immigration Agency, the Trade Council of Denmark, Taipei, and the Danish Police to complete the preparation and arrangement. The Danish side also assigned 2 police officers to Taiwan. On the 11th of this month, Taiwan Taoyuan District Prosecution Office completed the process at Taoyuan International Airport. The Danish prisoner was transferred to a Danish police officer and boarded a flight back to Denmark. He successfully returned to Denmark today (12) for execution.

So far, Taiwan has transferred seven German prisoners, one British prisoner, and one Danish prisoner back to their countries to continue serving their sentences. In the future, MOJ will continue to handle the transnational transfer of prisoners in accordance with the agreements signed with various countries and Transfer of Sentenced Persons Act. While implementing judicial decisions to achieve social justice, it also demonstrates the humanitarian spirit and the effectiveness of correction

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