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Nov. 5, 2019: Regarding some media allegations that a Taiwanese suspect returned to Taiwan after robbery in Hong Kong, it is difficult to prosecute. The opinion from MOJ is as follows.

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If a Taiwan national commits robbery in Hong Kong, Taiwan has jurisdiction, and the crime can still be prosecuted following our law.

Art.43.1.3 of Laws and Regulations Regarding Hong Kong & Macao Affairs rules that the Criminal Code provisions shall apply to offenses committed by persons from the Taiwanese area which the minimum penalty is imprisonment of three years or longer. This case is under active investigation by the prosecution and police units in Taiwan under the law. If the robber is indeed involved, because it is a crime of imprisonment with a minimum sentence of 3 years or more, Taiwan has jurisdiction, and the offense will be prosecuted. The report that it would be difficult to charge in Taiwan is inconsistent with our legal regulations and should be adequately corrected.

MOJ appealed that the HK government should provide relevant evidence to work together to fight against crime and stop the suspect from escaping from crime again.

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