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Sep. 9, 2019: Taiwan affirms verdict on guilty of “homicide” in the Kuang Ta Hsing 28 fishing boat case by the Manila District Court of the Philippines.

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Manila District Court of the Philippines sentenced the Kuang Ta Hsing 28 fishing boat case on September 18 this year, and all 8 Filipino defendants were found guilty of murder and were sentenced to 8 years to 14 years. All the defendants should pay civil compensation to the victim’s family. Since this case happened in May 2013, it has been more than six years. Now justice is finally realized. We appreciate the MOJ, MOFA, and the prosecution and enforcement teams in the Philippines. We also express our gratitude to our MOFA, the Pintung District Prosecution Office, and LEAs, and Taiwan Representative Office in the Philippines for their contribution to this case.

After Taiwan and the Philippines signed the Mutual Legal Agreement on Criminal Matters on April 19 on 2013, the Kuang Ta Hsing 28 case happened the next year. MOJ, MOFA, and Taiwan Representative Office in the Philippines conducted close judicial cooperation with the Philippines government, prosecution office and, LEAs. MOJ sent several Head Prosecutors and Prosecutors to the Philippines to conduct the investigations and exchange opinions to promot the collaboration between the two countries aggressively. It is very helpful for the inquiry. A breakthrough has been achieved on March 18, 2014, and homicide charges have been brought against eight Coast Guard officials.

The Philippines' prosecutors came to Taiwan to collect evidence during the trial period based on the above-mentioned agreement. MOJ invited the High Prosecution Office, the Pintung District Office, and MOFA to have a preparation meeting and asked relevant units to provide documents to LEAs from the Philippines and arrange witnesses required. MOJ also provides evidence-based on the request from the Philippines.

In accordance with the Philippine criminal procedure, the defendants in the case can still appeal. MOJ will actively contact the Taiwan Representative Office to keep abreast of the development of the case. On the base of the Taiwan-Philippine Mutual Legal Assistance Agreement, MOJ will continue to carry out effective mutual legal assistance with the Philippines and develop friendly relations between the two countries so that both governments and people can benefit from it.

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