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May 3, 2018: To Clarify New Evidence, Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors Office Seeks the Second Mutual Legal Assistance from HK

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Regarding the girl from Hong Kong who was murdered in Taiwan, Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors Office thinks it is necessary to file the second mutual legal assistance request with MOJ based on new facts and evidence. MOJ forwarded it to the Mainland Affairs Council Republic of China (Taiwan) for submission to Hong Kong authority.

The case prosecutor and the police actively conduct the search since the Taiwan authority received a report from the victim’s father. Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutors Office submitted the first Mutual legal assistance request on March 3 this year to find out the truth so that we can answer to the victim and her family. It still needs help from the Hong Kong authority to clarify the criminal fact and make it possible to punish the suspect. 

MOJ has an open and positive attitude toward mutual legal assistance. If the HK government needs to seek legal assistance from MOJ, MOJ will provide the necessary help based on the principle of reciprocity.

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