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March 31, 2018: In Response of the UN Security Council’s Strengthening of Sanctions against North Korea, the MOJ Initiated Terrorist Financial Sanction on Chang Yongyuan in Accordance with the Counter-Terrorism Financing Act.

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The UN Security Council renewed the list of sanctions, including one person and 21 companies, under UNSCR 1718 on March 30, 2018, Taiwan time. Among the newly added list, our national Chang Yongyuan and overseas companies Pro-Gain Group Corporation (incorporated in Samoa) and Kingly Won International Co. LTD (incorporated in the Marshall Islands) are 100% owned by Chang Yongyuan. The MOJ published the list of sanctions officially based on reports from the MJIB according to Art.5.1(2) of the Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. About the criminal part of the case, we cooperate with international friends aggressively, and the case is under investigation by Taiwan Shilin District Prosecutor’s Office.

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