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March 29, 2018: Both Sides of the Straits should Work Together to Safeguard the Rights and Interests of the People on Both Sides of the Strait and Completely Dismantle Criminal Groups

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It was reported that the Beijing Higher People’s Court of Mainland China issued a second-instance judgment on the Taiwanese defendant involving a telecom fraud case in Kenya on the morning of March 29, and the case was confirmed. To take into account the interests of Taiwanese suspects and their families, the Ministry of Justice has contacted the competent authorities of Mainland China to require that the place Taiwanese are detained and all matters concerning the interests of Taiwanese suspects should be informed to protect the rights of their families.

Eliminating cross-border telecom fraud is a consensus between the two sides across the Taiwan Strait and involves the most immediate welfare of people on both sides. To protect the rights and interests of people and bring the prominent criminals in the telecom fraud group into justice, the two sides across the Taiwan Strait should work together to achieve the goal.

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