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Jan. 12, 2018: In Respones of the UN Security Council's Strengthening of Sanctions against North Korea, the MOJ initiated the First Terrorist Finacial Sanction following the Counter-Terrorism Financing Act

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Because it is necessary to implement international cooperation or the resolution of the United Nations, the MOJ proposed to convene a TF review Committee participated by National Security Bureau, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of the Interior, Ministry of National Defense, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Central Bank, and Financial Supervisory Commission and initiated the first terrorist financial sanction and included Chen Shixian, Bunker’s Taiwan Group Corporation, and Billions Bunker Group Corporation into the sanctions list following Paragraph 1, Article 4 of the Counter-Terrorism Financing Act. (please refer to the website of MOJ). The website of the Anti-Money Laundering Division) The sanction's effect extends to Oceanic Enterprise Co. Ltd. and UMC Corporation Peru S.A.C, and Chen Shixian is the beneficiary owner of these two companies.

Taiwan is located in the Asia-Pacific area and needs to fulfill international obligations regarding regional security. There is no possibility of provoking international security practices. MOJ appeals that financial institutions, non-financial businesses, and people should not provide any property or property interests to the listing context and should also prevent any financial or commercial transactions to avoid terrorist financial.

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