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Anti-drug Mobilization – Join the Pokémon-Go Game Together 2016 Four-leaf Clover Market Event on Aug. 14

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The grand opening of this year’s national Rehabilitation Market which is named Four-leaf Clover Market, is scheduled for August 14 in the lobby of Taichung City Government Hall on Taiwan Avenue and the front-gate square. 42 booths of ex-offenders from all over the country are expected to open at the market offering their products for sale. These ex-offenders have been long-time recipients of the Taiwan After-care Association’s guidance, or business start-up loans, and been running their businesses stably. Altogether 23 (or 55%) of them are ex-narcotics convicts. Help them with love, and they can demonstrate their impressive efforts. According to the first-hand experience of rehabilitation and protection and correction and education, a stable job is the key element to help ex-offenders return to normal life, keep up with their guidance, and reconnect with a social network. To this end, the Ministry of Justice and the After-care Association have been working together to help ex-offenders start up their own businesses. After years of effort, there are now financiers to offer loans to ex-offenders. The Ministry of Justice is further planning and organizing rehabilitation market activities to help ex-offenders to promote their products to communities. This is a measure to recognize their value, let the public see their industriousness, and give ex-offenders the chance to interact with communities and people, so that society may better understand ex-offenders and gradually eliminate the discrimination and prejudice. A considerable portion of the participating merchants in this market consists of narcotic offenders who have been in and out of jail several times and were once considered abandoned people by their families and society. They have changed now and vow to never again repeat the wrongs they have done. With their own skills and the assistance of the After-care Association, they are building new lives in legitimate ways, and have won the trust of their families and society. They are invited by the After-care Association to participate in this market event, which, in addition to encouraging the public to accept them again, they may testify, with their own efforts and results, to the importance of a drug-free homeland. This Four-leaf Clover Market event is first time using the venues have been provided by local county/city governments.This is extremely meaningful for combining county/city governments’ resources to provide rehabilitation and protection services. Parents and children come shopping together and playing Pokémon-Go. All sorts of merchandise offered by ex-offenders from all over the country are displayed in the market for sale; from handcrafts, gourmet foods, fine arts, to everyday goods. The organizer has specially adopted the Pokémon-Go fad and will place lures, sprinkling cherry blossom petals that may double the amount of Pokémon to appear. Parents and children are welcome to come and have fun together. Don’t forget to shop for the products offered at the market; we wish you best of luck with the Pokémon-Go game.

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