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Organization and Functions

The Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection

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In addition to providing protective probation and rehabilitation protection for crime offenders, and providing protection for crime victims, the judicial protection tasks are systematically expanded to the general public as well. For the general public, the Department of Prevention, Rehabilitation and Protection provides legal education, legal services and litigation counseling; for crime prevention, it promotes child and juvenile crime prevention programs, and assists with high-risk students; for recidivism prevention, it conducts commuted community services, deferred prosecution community interventions, alcohol and drug addiction rehabilitation and electronic monitoring; for rehabilitated addicts or criminals, it provides short-term placement, employment, schooling and medical assistance, interest-free business start-up loans, visit care, family support and other services that help them reintegrate into society; for crime victims, it provides legal assistance, psychological counseling and other life reconstruction measures, each according to their needs, to help them find and maintain post-traumatic peace of mind.

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