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Organization and Functions

The Department of Legal System

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The Department of Legal System is responsible for consultations on and discussions of regulatory research and regulatory applicability for the Executive Yuan and its affiliated agencies. The Department shall assign personnel to participate in the regulatory amendment research and coordination meetings convened by the Executive Yuan and its affiliated agencies, as well as to sit in on bill reviews and coordination meetings of the Legislative Yuan, so as to provide advice on relevant legal drafting and assist in resolving doubts about the applicability of a law. In addition, the department is in charge of the promotion, coordination and the arrangement of the affairs of the human rights protection. Taiwan enacted the two Covenants and their implementation acts on December 10, 2009. In order to demonstrate the positive actions of a state that builds on human rights, the Department actively promotes the human rights Covenant and reviews laws, regulations and administrative measures that are inconsistent with the Covenant. In addition, referencing the UN's Treaty Body’s review reporting model, the Department developed a mechanism where international human rights experts periodically come to Taiwan to review Taiwan's National Reports, and all sectors of the public are invited to engage and work together to improve any inadequacies of human rights practices, so that the human rights protection practices of Taiwan may be integrated into the global communities.

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