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Organization and Functions

The Department of Planning

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The Department of Planning is responsible for matters, such as: the Ministry of Justice’s strategic planning, policy research, regulatory review, coordination, communications and congressional liaison, and public relations, which give assistance to senior officials in implementing governance vision and prioritizing policy management, in order to build a good government that can meet the challenges of the future and the expectations of the people, and enhance administrative effectiveness. Key tasks are as follows: the development, planning and coordination of the annual policy objectives, the annual policy plan, the medium-term policy plan, the preliminary work, and the medium and long-term case projects; the control, assessment and evaluation of governance reports and major case plans; the planning, research and analysis, promotion and management of research and development work; the planning, research and analysis, promotion, supervision and assessment of administrative innovation, administrative efficiency and services for the people; the planning, implementation, review and evaluation of overseas study reports and government publications; the communication and coordination concerning the operation of the Agency of Corrections; and other comprehensive planning on inter-organizational matters.

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