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1. Enforcement Rules of the Cultural Heritage Preservation Act 2019/12/12
2. Name of the Regulation: Standards for seafarers under 18 Years Old or Female Seafarers Engaging in Hazardous or Harmful Works 2019/12/06
3. Name of the Regulation:Charging Standard for the Issuance of Certificate and License Fees for Seafarer’s Applications 2019/12/06
4. Fee-charging Standards for Measuring Instruments 2019/11/21
5. Regulations Governing Exemption from Inspection of Commodities 2019/11/21
6. Regulations of the Settlement Labor Insurance Disputes 2019/11/20
7. The reporting period for gross proceeds described in item 2 of subparagraph 5 of paragraph 1 of Article 50 of the Regulations Governing the Implementation of the Common Standard on Reporting and Due Diligence for Financial Institutions (hereinafter referre 2019/11/08
8. Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Foods 2019/11/06
9. Standards for Pesticide Residue Limits in Animal Products 2019/11/06
10. Enforcement Rules of the Charity Donations Destined for Social Welfare Funds Implementation Regulations 2019/11/05
11. Fee Standards for Viewing, Hand-copying or Duplication of Archives 2019/10/22
12. Working vessels of the offshore wind farm during construction and operation to the navigation safety regulations 2019/10/21
13. Regulations Governing Customs Bonded Factories 2019/10/17
14. Fee-charging Standards for the Use of State-operated Airport, Navigation Aids and Related Facilities 2019/10/17
15. Regulations for the Management of Home Stay Facilities 2019/10/09
16. Regulations Governing Profit-seeking Enterprise Income Tax Exemption for Profit-seeking Enterprises Conducting Procurement and/or Importation and/or Storage and/or Delivery of Goods in Free Trade Zones 2019/10/09
17. Subsidy Directions for Overseas Compatriot Group 2019/10/07
18. Application Regulations of Entry Permit for Different Grades of Mountain Climbing Routes in the Shei-Pa National Park 2019/10/04
19. Directions for Displaying Interest Rate by Financial Institutions 2019/10/02
20. Directions Governing MOE K-12 Education Administration Subsidies for Local Exam-free Admission for Public Senior Secondary Schools Implementation Plan 2019/10/02