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History (including voice)

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History (including voice)

History (including voice)History (including voice)

The judicial system of our country began a root-and-branch reform in the last years of the Ching (Qing or Manchu) Dynasty, 1644-1912. In the 28th year of the reign of Emperor Kuanghsu (Guangxu, 1902), the Ching government changed the Department of Corrections, which, known as Hsing Pu or Xing Bu, was one of the six government branches at that time, into the Department of Justice (Fa Pu or Fa Bu) to serve as the highest authority in judicial administration. After the proclamation of the Republic of China, the Department of Justice was reorganized into the Ministry of Justice. However, when China was reunified in 1928 after years of warlord strife, the Judicial Yuan was inaugurated as one of the five branches of the government and the Ministry of Judicial Administration was established under its jurisdiction. In 1943, the Ministry of Judicial Administration was shifted from the Judicial Yuan to the Executive Yuan. On July 1, 1980, the government separated the administration of the courts from the system of prosecution as part of judicial reform. As a result, the Taiwan High Court and all other courts under its jurisdiction were placed under the Judicial Yuan. At the same time, the Ministry of Judicial Administration was renamed as the Ministry of Justice, which has been operating under the Executive Yuan since.

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