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Information Management

Extract data value through the use of information technology

In July of 1998, Electronic Processing Data Center was Restructured as Department of Information Technology. In coordination with the Government Reinvention Program launched in 2012, the Department of Information Management incorporated the IT personnel from Institute of Forensic Medicine, and the four-level correctional organizations in order to centralize specialized IT personnel resources and streamline the chain of command.

To enhance the benefits of information integration, strategic planning for operations within the DIT adopts a top-down approach, which helps improve the quality of system service and effectiveness.

The Legal informatics system has completed the integration of major systems including: the criminal case system, the prosecutor support system, the case management system of the Agency Against Corruption, the administrative enforcement system, the prison management system, and the system for management of general administrative affairs. Cross-domain integration and Cross-department cooperation enhances administrative efficiency and the benefits of sharing resources.

Otherwise, to implement Executive Yuan's policy regarding centralization of information resources and carbon reduction. Department of Information Technology has constructed infrastructure for cloud computing, develop green-energy cloud efficient data center, and planned for the software (hardware) upgrade and Procurement for Ministry of Justice and 99 Affiliated Organizations (except The Investigation Bureau) to integrate the Email system and global information system, etc. To improve management efficiency, we integrated intra networks and united the security for links to external systems.

To ensure the consistency and effectiveness of information security management. Department of Information Technology had established standard operating procedures (SOP) for information services as a common data security management basis, and met the requirements of the Information Security Management System (ISMS) and attained the international standard (ISO27001), providing an efficient, stable, and secure infrastructure for information applications and guaranteed the information security for our affiliated agencies.

In the future, we'll continue to promote the information and automation of the legal business, and import innovative technologies such as artificial intelligence, big data analytics and block-chain technology. Applying technological assistance to investigative cases could improve prosecutorial efficiency, strengthen criminal justice, improve the quality of legal services, and realize the people's expectations of justice.

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