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Investigation work

Prevent major crime for national safety

Investigation work is aimed at ensuring national security, and maintaining national interest and the people's welfare. The heavy duty is fulfilled by the MOJ Bureau of Investigation. According to its organic act,the Bureau of Investigation's duties are preventing the following affairs:

■ Internal sedition and foreign aggression
■ Leakage of national secret
■ Corruption and vote-buying
■ Major economic crime
■ Drug abuse
■ Anti-money laundering

The functions of MOJ Bureau of Investigation may be divided mainly into the maintenance of national security and the prevention of crime. In maintaining national security, the current work is to dig out abnormal clues; preempt the collection of confidential information in Taiwan through the use of infiltration, recruitment of agent and inducement with money for collection of intelligence, development of intelligence network in Taiwan for sabotaging the government. The fight against corruption and other major crimes, including vote-buying, is aimed to carry out the national plan for constructing honest and competent government. The major work includes investigation into major construction projects,huge-amount procurement, business registration, urbanization plan,financial supervision, tax affairs, Customs operations, police operation,judiciary, correctional administration, building regulation, land administration, environmental protection, medical care, education, fire fighting, funeral and burial service, river management, and social welfare allowance that involve collusion between government officials and businessmen, bribery and other malpractices and vote-buying, which are subject to crackdown according to law. The prevention of major economic crime and money-laundry is aimed to eliminate grievances from the people for social stability and for promoting the people's welfare. In drug prevention, our principle is to stop the drug at the other coast, intercept the drug at the Customs, and arrest the drug on the hinterland. We will try to dig out the clues by checking the fishing boats, containers, postal parcels, express delivery and drug anufacturing plants. We will leave no stone unturned in pursuing international drug syndicates, transportation channels, marketing networks, and manufacturing plants.

To strengthen international cooperation, we will join in international anti-crime activities. Besides establishing channels with our law-enforcement counterparts abroad and seeking international mutual assistance in criminal matters, we will join the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and Egmont Group against money laundry and introduce the latest international anti-money-laundry norm and sign with different nations memorandums on intelligence exchange in order to jointly bust the crime. To carry out joint crackdown on crime, we have signed with the mainland authorities an agreement on jointly crackdown on crime and mutual assistance in criminal matters. This has widened the bicoastal crimebusting channel and enhanced the effectiveness of the crime-busting effort.



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