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Operations on Government Employee Ethics

The Rectification of Ethics For Clean Government

To rectify the ethics of government employees, promote clean and efficient government, and ensure the security of government agencies, government ethics units were added to central and local government agencies and state-run enterprises at all levels in accordance with the Act of the Establishment and Management of the Government Employee Ethics Units and Officers. The MOJ is the headquarters of this system. It set up the "Agency Against Corrupttion, Ministry of Justice (AAC)"  to form policies; draft acts and regulations; strengthen publicity; plan, push, evaluate, and establish government ethics units; and manage the personnel and conduct training.
In commanding and supervising the government ethics units of the nation, the MOJ adheres to the following principles: "positive measures take precedence over negative approaches, put emphasis on prevention rather than on punishment, and replace interference with service." These principles are in order to control the various forms and sources of corruption that endanger the security of government organizations. The MOJ offers its views of reform with regard to acts and regulations, administrative process, and administrative management to ensure smooth running of administrative programs. To prevent and eliminate corruption, the MOJ seeks conscientious enforcement of the Sunshine Bill. It digs deep into operations that would breed corruption and adopts measure to nip scandals in the bud. As for the investigation and penalty of corruption, it takes effort to try to come to grip with the organizations and personnel that are prone to corruption. It pays great attention to the prevention of major collective, structural scandals in order to eliminate the culture of corruption. In securing government agencies, the MOJ counts on auditing and on preventing the disclosure of official secrets. It has strengthened publicity to alert public servants on dangers to government security.

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