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Strengthening the Correctional Functions
Slashing the Rate of Repeated Offenses
Correctional work is the last defense for judicial justice. To carry out this task, the MOJ has announced a series of prison reform measures, set up a supervisory and evaluation task force, strengthened the management in various fields, and organized Pacification Small Groups to boost the prisons emergency-coping capability.

In education for prisoners, the MOJ has converted some juvenile prisons and reformative facilities into correctional schools to provide juvenile inmates with more teaching and guidance. It has designated Prison No.2 in Yunlin and Koahsiung as a prison for inmates under investigation� and the Changhua Prison as a youth prison in order to carry out classification of correction. Besides, the MOJ has taken into account the characteristics of different inmates to provide them with individualized treatments. It has also enlarged its inmate-adoption program and recruited more people in society to teach and influence the inmates. By enlisting community resources, it has improved the substance of teaching.

In workshop management and skill training, it has enforced standard entry-exit inspection rules for commissioned inmate-made products to strictly prevent irregularities. It has contracted the service of professional managers to help prisons establish good marketing systems and business-like management. To improve the production skills of the inmates and to strengthen skills training,漆器 the MOJ has established a point display and sales center for prison-manufactured products, which is aimed at permanent operation of the program. To improve medical treatment in prisons, the MOJ has drawn up a plan for improving medical treatment in prisons, which includes the increase of medical equipment and pay rises for medical personnel to attract them for work in the prisons. On February 16, 2004, the MOJ set up a special medical treatment area in the Taichung Prison, which is equipped with beds up to hospital standards and provides in-patients medical care and treatment for inmates suffering from mental, chronic, or infectious diseases.

To protect the rights and interests of prisoners, the MOJ has continued to improve prison facilities, reduce crowding in prisons, adjust the supper time, and synchronize prisoners life routine with that of people in society. To make their families and the public more convenient, the MOJ has set up a special correctional telephone line and a one-stop service window. It has notified all correctional facilities in the nation to offer remote meeting service with the use of visual transmission.



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