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Prosecutorial Administration

Perfect the prosecutorial system and lay the foundations of sound judiciary

Prosecutorial administration ranges from the formulation of criminal policies and legislative proposals, management of prosecutorial organizations,and regulation of attorneyat-law business,all of which are closely related to the people's basic rights and social justice. To wed the ideals of prosecutorial policy with the judicial practice, MOJ will continue to improve the prosecutorial personnel system. We will deal properly with financial crime, corruption,people's grievances, vote-buying, sexual abuse, telephone frauds, drug abuse, intellectual property infringements and human trafficking. We will charter the course of our criminal policy by tempering justice with mercy and revise criminal laws.

As for attorney business, MOJ is working hard to reform the old system and create a new one. All of our efforts are intended to perfect the attorney system, and improve the nation's democracy and the rule of law.

The various prosecutors' offices under the Ministry of Justice are tasked,among others, to pursue crimes, to oversee the judgments, to execute the sentences, and to promote aftercare protection for released prisoners. Heavy are the responsibilities, the ministry will continue the effort. Besides assuring law and order, these efforts are also our response to the people's fervent aspirations for personnel reform in the prosecutorial system aimed at carrying on our experiences and cultivating talented prosecutors.

In the course of judicial reform, we have insisted on innovation to win people's trust and to attain the goal of "enforcing the rule of law and protecting human rights."


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