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  • Publication Data:2019-09-25

Planning with a Macroscopic View
Deep-cultivating the Legal System

As it is in charge of the legal affairs of the Executive Yuan and its subordinate organizations, the MOJ often sends officials to the Legislative Yuan when a draft law is being examined. It offers the various organizations professional opinions on legal affairs and helps them solve the problems of the application of law. In recent years, it has tried to review and revise the laws in all fields. For instance, to cope with the international trend and social changes, it has formulated the Regulations Governing the Opening of Information, the Foundations Act,  and the Act for Implementation of J.Y. Interpretation No.748 ,drawn up the Trust Act, reviewed and revised the Civil Code.To perfect the system of administrative law, it has studied and drafted the Administrative Penalty Act, the Act of Administrative Procedure, and reviewed and revised the Act of Administrative Execution. For the establishment of a sound mediation and arbitration system to effectively solve disputes, it has reviewed and revised the Township Dispute Mediation Act and the Arbitration Act. To unify the standards for determining national secrets and to protect national security and interests, it has drafted the National Secrets Protection Act. To respect the people's basic freedoms and rights and to lay the foundation for democratic government, it has studied and drawn up the Basic Act of Human-right Protection and the Act of Investigation by the National Human-right Commission.

Besides, the MOJ has worked hard on matters about state compensation for the protection of the people's interests. It has worked hard to bring to bear township dispute-mediation activities, to reduce the number of lawsuits at the sources, to raise the quality of dispute mediation, and to tidy up the mediation system. It has tried to help all occupational and social bodies to set up an arbitration mechanism to ensure that the arbitration system will move toward the goal of diversification and professionalism so that it can connect itself with the international system of the like. Also, it has strengthened the compulsory enforcement of obligatory money payments set forth in public laws by establishing an Administrative Enforcement Agency and several administrative execution branches.

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